In 1492, Columbus sailed the… oh, eff you.

[8:48am] I don’t hate you folks that have today off. Yeah, I may’ve just told Lemmonex that “all the government people and contractors who are home today can suck it,” but I don’t really mean it. It’s not your fault that you’re off work. It’s not your fault that you probably aren’t even awake right [...]

Fins to the left

Here’s a little something to consider before you elect to swim with the dolphins the next time you take a cruise.
A leaping 9-foot, 400-pound dolphin hospitalized two boaters when it landed in their laps as they traveled in the Intracoastal Waterway near New Smyrna Beach.
Norman Howard, 64, said he and his wife, Barbara, were in [...]


A couple of nights ago, I found myself in the middle of what I’ll call a discussion of differing opinions with another gentleman (term used loosely). He stated his case, and I stated mine. He stated something else and added “just so you know” to the end of it, which might as well have been [...]

Put your hotel on THIS*.

About little over a year ago, I wrote the following regarding the McDonald’s Monopoly game.
For the past few years, Monopoly has been a reason to go to McDonald’s a little more often. Gotta get those Monopoly pieces. Gotta get excited about getting Boardwalk or Park Place, before realizing that it’s the other one that is [...]

What’s that noise?

I have a confession to make.
Well, maybe it isn’t a confession so much as a gleeful declaration: I didn’t watch a minute of the whatchamacallit last night. You know, the thing, with the talking and the questions and the bullshit? That.
It didn’t stop me from hopping on the intertubes this morning and navigating to Pundit [...]

Bus Fuss

A number of you have heard stories (well, those that I can remember) from last year’s birthday party bus. We’re less than 2 months from my birthday this year, and we’re giving it another go. Last year, we rode in style in this 28 passenger beast of luxury:

This year, I’ve decided to step it up [...]