- Okay, baseball. You’re done. Now step aside and let the more exciting sports take over please. Thanks.

- I think Beyonce should really be concerned about schizophrenia.

- Did I miss the memo where it was announced that T-Pain and Kanye West had become the same person? Or at least that they’re sharing the same voice distortion device?

- Keeping in line with yesterday’s post, please note that it’s going to be around 50 degrees tomorrow night when you go out. That’s not that cold really, but with a bit of a breeze it can be. That said, I don’t want to hear about how cold it is. You’re the one who decided to go out in something that doesn’t cover your legs or your arms on the last day of October. You don’t have to be a “sexy (insert fairly mundane character here).”

- Don’t get me wrong, I like the “sexy (insert fairly mundane character here),” provided it’s, you know, actually sexy. But seriously? You’re wearing next to nothing on October 31st. Don’t you know how cold it’s going to be?

- To be honest, “Drunk Daly detained outside Hooters” is about the least surprising link to a news story I’ve seen in about a year.

- Why is it that being a human and being a dancer have to be mutually exclusive?

- Is it too late to ask for legislation to be passed that allows me to, without warning, punch anyone who tries to engage me in political discussion only so that they can assail my position and try to bring me to their side? Don’t think I wouldn’t. And even without the legislation, would anyone convict me?

- I can tell already that, after two nights of Halloween, I’m not going to want to move on Sunday morning.

- I don’t watch CSI: Miami, but I’m disappointed to learn that Horatio Caine is [removes sunglasses slowly] still alive.

- Not bad for someone who doesn’t give a damn until October, and even then it’s only a little damn.


4 Responses

  1. Do you mean “dancer” or just dancer?

    A little of each?

  2. I was hoping the Drunk Daly would be Tyne Daly, of TV’s Cagney and Lacey.

    I was actually pulling for Carson, but deep in my heart I knew who it was.

  3. I was pulling for Carson, too!

  4. If I ever see you type shit about David Caruso again, I will hunt you down, take my glasses off slowly and whip them over my shoulder in your direction like a ninja star.

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