What I did on Me Day

In mostly chronological order…

- Awoke
- Walked, fed, watered puppy
- Received Peapod order, temporarily freaked out when delivery dude said they were out of Mountain Dew 12-packs, relaxed when he said they replaced it with 12 24 oz. bottles of Dew.
- Opened Dew
- Watched soccer
- Watched college football
- Involuntarily napped
- Awoke to cold puppy nose on my arm
- Walked puppy
- Watched more college football
- Ordered Chinese (sorry Sarah)
- Watched Thursday’s episode of CSI on DVR
- Ate Chinese
- Involuntarily napped again
- Ate egg roll that I forgot I ordered
- Walked, fed, watered puppy
- Answered text message asking whether I was going to a particular event that night with “doubtful.”
- Watched soccer and football
- Went to bed, felt like I’d accomplished a lot

What I did on Me Day

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  1. Sounds like a good one. Those days don’t happen often enough. And love how you “watered” the puppy. Is he a plant??

    Yes! Well, considering how he’s grown, it may be more accurate to call him a weed.

  2. One meal all day? I’d ask if you were becoming manorexic, but considering that one meal and the 12 bottles of Dew has enough calories to last probably a week or two, I won’t.

    I left out the part where I ate zebra cakes for breakfast, and reheated the leftover Chinese at 10:30pm.

  3. sounds like a damn good me day to me.

  4. I would of been totally bummed out if I heard that my favorite store was out of Dew.

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