- Okay, baseball. You’re done. Now step aside and let the more exciting sports take over please. Thanks.
- I think Beyonce should really be concerned about schizophrenia.
- Did I miss the memo where it was announced that T-Pain and Kanye West had become the same person? Or at least that they’re sharing the same voice [...]

Cold shoulder

There’s something refreshing about the coming of the fall. I love seeing my breath, the sound of the leaves crunching on the ground beneath my feet, and the fact that I don’t have to undertake some major operation of changing the wardrobe out in my closet because it’s big enough to hold everything. If the [...]


This is sad news indeed. Men everywhere observe a moment of silence in thanks.

Pumpkin Eater or Pumpkin, Eater

I just saw an ad for It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on ABC, and it made me think of this from Robot Chicken. Enjoy!

A little “ed” in your coed

Coed recreational sports are a popular thing in DC and its surrounding suburbs. Most of the participants, whether softball, soccer, kickball, flag football, or whatever your pleasure, would probably not deny that they’re drinkers with a [your sport here] problem. Coed sports players just want to go out, have a good time playing a sport [...]


We’re just weeks from Election Day, and I’ve finally reached my point of saturation. No, this has got nothing to do with John McCain, Barack Obama, or even Sarah Palin (even if seeing her get the Terry Tate treatment is extremely enjoyable). It isn’t about 20-man analyst shows, Joe the Plumber, or the manufactured suspense [...]

Axis of Evil

This shit is unbelievable.
The Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees are forming a company to handle concession and merchandise sales at their new stadiums.
As if I need to say anything else?
The partnership brings together two of the most recognizable franchises in all of sports and two of the highest-profile owners in the Cowboys’ Jerry Jones [...]

What I did on Me Day

In mostly chronological order…
- Awoke
- Walked, fed, watered puppy
- Received Peapod order, temporarily freaked out when delivery dude said they were out of Mountain Dew 12-packs, relaxed when he said they replaced it with 12 24 oz. bottles of Dew.
- Opened Dew
- Watched soccer
- Watched college football
- Involuntarily napped
- Awoke to cold puppy nose on [...]

Me Day

After a solid week where you have nary a night without something on the schedule, do you sometimes yearn for some you time? That’s me right now. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy the night’s activities, but every now and again, regardless of the night of the week, I require a little time to lounge [...]


In the past I’ve hemmed and hawed over guest blogging. Sometimes it’s hard enough to think of stuff to write for my own blog, nevermind someone else’s. I recently decided to guest blog for Sarah while she’s in Guatemala, and my post went up this morning. Have a read.