Under usual circumstances, I’d have words to offer. Instead, you get pictures.

Raise your hands if you're a loser.

Raise your hands if you're a loser

All you “experts” who picked the Redskins to win, raise your hands. Oh, none of you?


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  1. There was a game yesterday? Huh…

    Sarcasm sensed, duly noted.

  2. B was extremely happy to see them go down after last week. Go Skins

    All the NFC East teams may hate eachother, but we can all bond over one thing: Fuck Dallas.

  3. Excuse me, but as Washington born, I am ALWAYS for the Redskins. Go back to your last blog entry. I was dropping the score on your blog. Glued to my seat yesterday. Wonderful game, but too darn close for comfort.

    Not you, Cube. The people who get paid to be right about this stuff. Nobody picked the Skins, except the team and their fans.

  4. Tony Romo went home and cried in Jessica Simpson’s tits.

    If by “Jessica Simpson” you mean “Terrell Owens,” and by “tits” you mean “crotch.”

  5. I’ve got nothing to say about Disney or dog movies, so I am back here to say “WOOT!”

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