Analyze This

I walk on air. Many feet below me, the world races. Every movement is a blur but mine, as I slowly step from cloud to cloud, watching. I close my eyes. The wind lifts me, takes me. I settle and open my eyes. I find myself in a forest, surrounded by trees and silence. I make my way to a clearing. Standing in the center, the sun shines down on me from above and smells of honey. I feel fingertips gently brush my palm as a hand reaches through the sun’s glare. Her voice tells me to take it, and I do. We step out of the sun.



I wake up.



Analyze This

8 Responses

  1. Sounds beautiful.

    It was rather scenic.

  2. Eh, pretty simple it seems. Enjoy the memory.

    I don’t often remember them. This was a good one to remember.

  3. i had it alllll figured out unitl the honey thing…you smelled honey???

    I can’t pick the things I smell in my dreams, pint-sized Blond.

  4. This better not be about my mom.

    Now now… the relationship between your mother and me is strictly platonic.

    So far as you know.

  5. You’ve reconciled with Stanley Steemer?

  6. Honey? Fo shiz?

    And then Winnie the Pooh jumped out from the glen and ate us. The End.

  7. Washington Dallas 17/10 ::everything crossed;::

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