Things Not To Do at a Redskins Game at FedEx Field

- Scream “What are you doin?! after every negative play, often times precluded by the name of the player responsible. Really?

- Wear the jersey of a team that isn’t playing in the stadium that day. That means you, Seahawks fan in a Shaun Alexander jersey (seriously?), you Bears fans, you Chargers fans, you Eagles fans, and especially you, Cowboys fans.

- Wear a Raghib Ismail Cowboys jersey. Even if the Cowboys are playing.

- Walk up to two men, one wearing a Jason Campbell jersey, one wearing a red Redskins shirt, both wearing multiple strands of burgundy and gold beads, and ask them where the DD tent is. And then tell those same men, one of whom is leaning on a tower of bags of ice with a look of relief on his face, that you asked because they look like they work there. Look lady, I’m dressed in Skins garb, wearing multiple strands of beads, and I’m leaning on a bunch of bags of ice and it’s not even hot outside. I’m sure that I don’t look like I work here, and I certainly don’t look like I know where the DD tent is.

- The Wave

- Scream “You suck!” after the “Hey!” in Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll Part 2.

- Scream “OH!” during The Star Spangled Banner. Is this a Ravens game? Is this an Orioles game? Are we in Baltimore? No? Okay then.

- Leave the game with time on the clock, a seven point lead, and the opposing team still having a chance to get the ball back.

- Yell at a stadium staffer for letting people onto the escalator on one of the landings. There’s a walkway from the ramp to the landing for a reason.

Things Not To Do at a Redskins Game at FedEx Field

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