20 Things I-66 Won’t Miss About Summer

Summer is a widely enjoyed season. For many it means shorts, flip-flops, the beach, bar rooftops and patios, and all day festivals. While I do enjoy summer, there are a few things I’m not going to miss with its passing. So, with that in mind…

20 Things I-66 Won’t Miss About Summer (brought to you by my 2nd Mountain Dew of the day):

1. Kid Rock’s All Summer Long

2. Madras shorts

3. Burning the skin off my hands on the steering wheel

4. The inability to sensibly wear a blazer

5. Sweating from a 3 block walk to get lunch

6. Kid Rock’s All Summer Long

7. Cottage cheese

8. Mashed potatoes

9. Seeing certain foods and immediately thinking of skin conditions

10. Herds of seersucker and sun dress wearing nimrods in the middle of the street with red solo cups trying to board a bus to somewherefest

11. Reruns

12. Children everywhere

13. Kid Rock’s All Summer Long

14. Dog hair all over the place

15. Beach traffic

16. Gnarly toes unobscured by shoe material

17. Worrying about whether the air conditioning is going to be working in that metro car

18. Tourists

19. The pressure to drink cold coffees

20. Lime-infused beer commercials

20 Things I-66 Won't Miss About Summer

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  1. You just know that any list about summer that starts with Kid Rock is a memorable one.

    I should’ve ended it with him too.

  2. Funny tidbit that I got from Nick: the only reason the mexicans put lime on their beer bottles is to keep away the flies.

    So really, the whole concept of a lime flavored beer is not only disgusting, but also retarded.

    I won’t drink Corona just because you’re supposed to put fruit in it. I ask for my hefeweizen without the slice of orange. I did drink a lot of Dos Equis and Negra Modelo over the summer – that’s good Mexican beer that doesn’t need fruit.

  3. Those commercials are KILLER. So are the ones for mojitos. When I was still bartending I would weep every time it came on.

    Most annoying mojito commercial: The one where everyone dances along to the bartender grinding up the mint.

  4. If I wanted to put a lime in my bud light, I would do it myself. I’m not asking pacifico to come out with a lime-infused beer, I just pick up limes at the same time I buy the 12-pack. Stupid Idea.

    On another note: Don’t get excited about the dog ceasing the shedding just because the weather is cooling down. Labs shed constantly, no matter what the time of the year. Buy a good vacuum.

    I’m just glad his fur is about the same color as my carpet. I don’t expect a ceasing of shedding, but a small decrease would be nice.

  5. Mashed Potatoes are a summer thing?

    And also, who pressures you to drink Iced Coffee? I think Iced Coffee is a northern thing, or a New England thing at least. I’ve been drinking it forever and never thought there was anything weird about it.

    #7, 8, & 9 are entirely related.

    I don’t think iced coffee is strictly northern. I see how it’s consumed around here and that’s all I need. I prefer my coffee hot, and it doesn’t do for me to drink much of it when it’s 90+ degrees out.

  6. i don’t like cold coffee either, and didn’t know that anyone else was annoyed by the pressure to drink it in the summer. Hm!

    See? You’re not alone!

  7. LOL – you nailed it down to the red solo cups! Congrats on the Express love this morning too – I’ll say I knew YOU when…
    Btw, I kinda like that Kid Rock song. Are we still friends?


    I think you have enough credit built up for me to forgive that little transgression. It’s close, though. Don’t push your luck! :)

  8. Wow, thought I commented. Must have been to busy gchatting at work..

    Anyway, I love iced coffee. I just wish there were more Dunkin’ Donuts in DC.

  9. Ok… agreed… but cottage cheese???? Does not scream summer to me.

  10. I TOTALLY hate that Kid Rock song. Any record producer that thought this was a good idea clearly has some issues…

  11. I’m with you on the iced coffee. I can’t wait to be able to drink a warm coffee again without breaking out in a sweat.

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