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There is a growing displeasure this morning at DC Blogs over today’s update, penned by Foilwoman, which opens thusly:

Not much snark in the house tonight, as I recently lost a loved one (by which I mean: someone I love died, not that I misplaced someone in Safeway’s product section). At the same time, that means those of our fair community nattering on about what to buy don’t get a lot of sympathy from me. Basically, the message is: write about something meaningful, and if you can’t, consider it a good time to go search for meaning and cease writing until you find it. Reviews of TV series? Seriously, not meaningful. That said, here are some blogs I’ve read and “enjoyed” lately, as much as I can be said to be enjoying anything now.

At present time, there are eight comments on the entry, one of which is mine (and you can probably guess the tenor thereof.) I expect that number to grow quickly, because I can’t imagine anyone out there appreciates being told what, how, or when they should write.

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  1. Oh, snap.

    You know I had to say something, too. Cannot help myself.

    I feel bad for her loss, but I shall continue to write about what I want to write about, even if it is what a mess I am.

  2. I saw the DC Blogs post really early this morning, and, even at 4 a.m., it had steam coming out of my ears. I understand grief, I understand the need to rage, but that’s what our *own* blogs are for. It would be nice to see a little detachment from a contributing editor.

    Funny thing is, I was planning on writing a review today of a TV show created/written by a friend of mine. Maybe I should post the link in the comments on Foilwoman’s entry as my contribution to vapidity and the decline of navel gazing in the Washington area…

  3. Wow. Uncalled for.

    I look forward to certain television recaps, and natterings about what to buy. I have enough *meaning* in my life – reading fun, breezy natterings are a min-vaca from all of that serious stuff.

  4. Amen, brother. Sorry our daily tidbits are so offensive. Methinks someone should take a break from dcblogs until their life is back in order.

  5. My response to the comments is up at DC Blogs, should you care to read.

  6. Every time I read something like that, I remind myself that the only rule of blogging should be that you don’t fucking tell other people what to write.

    And then I don’t write that, because it would be violating my own rule.

  7. hello, Cube.

  8. I can’t believe I missed this hullaballoo. All my sh*t is meaningful. This comment is meaningful. It’s especially meaningful a week late.

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