Bad Dog

It should come as no surprise around here that I’m pretty much a fan of all things dog. I mean, after all, who could resist being a fan of this face?

That said, there is one thing I simply cannot support.

Look, I know it’s a Disney movie, and for that you need to take everything with [...]


Under usual circumstances, I’d have words to offer. Instead, you get pictures.

All you “experts” who picked the Redskins to win, raise your hands. Oh, none of you?

Analyze This

I walk on air. Many feet below me, the world races. Every movement is a blur but mine, as I slowly step from cloud to cloud, watching. I close my eyes. The wind lifts me, takes me. I settle and open my eyes. I find myself in a forest, surrounded by trees and silence. I [...]

Things Not To Do at a Redskins Game at FedEx Field

- Scream “What are you doin?! after every negative play, often times precluded by the name of the player responsible. Really?
- Wear the jersey of a team that isn’t playing in the stadium that day. That means you, Seahawks fan in a Shaun Alexander jersey (seriously?), you Bears fans, you Chargers fans, you Eagles [...]

…H I J K L M N O Q R S…

The last time I was in New York, I was given the chance to participate in a recreational activity that made me swear that it was 4:20 in the PM. I declined for a number of reasons, not the least important of which was that, as I was gainfully unemployed at the time (by the [...]

20 Things I-66 Won’t Miss About Summer

Summer is a widely enjoyed season. For many it means shorts, flip-flops, the beach, bar rooftops and patios, and all day festivals. While I do enjoy summer, there are a few things I’m not going to miss with its passing. So, with that in mind…
20 Things I-66 Won’t Miss About Summer (brought to you by [...]

Lazy Monday

A weekend of getting up early, staying up late, two tailgates, and quite a bit of heat has taken its toll. I. am. beat. How tired am I?
- I really want/need a Mountain Dew, the nectar of the Gods, but I can’t make myself go get one.
- I forgot to watch Robot Chicken last night.
- [...]

Unaccompanied minor

The Scene: Safeway parking lot at approximately 8:00pm. The thermometer reads 80 degrees. I-66, with puppy in tow, had to go into the store to grab 2 items before heading home. Gone no longer than 4 minutes, I-66 had left the window cracked. He emerged from the store to see a girl, maybe 10 or [...]

Blogger Bulletin

There is a growing displeasure this morning at DC Blogs over today’s update, penned by Foilwoman, which opens thusly:
Not much snark in the house tonight, as I recently lost a loved one (by which I mean: someone I love died, not that I misplaced someone in Safeway’s product section). At the same time, [...]

Keep up

We’re sussing out a few things around here these days, but I have not disappeared from the face of the planet – either of the blogging or earth varieties. My presence may have been fleeting recently, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting on my ass. Well, more than usual. So, to keep you busy [...]