Positive charge

I can’t remember the last time I left something in a hotel room. I’m normally pretty diligent when it comes to making sure I leave with everything I brought when I travel. When you stay with a friend, you always have a way to get your shit back, but if you leave it at a hotel it becomes property of housekeeping or whoever stays there after you. Last weekend I left my phone charger in the hotel. Awesome.

I ordered a super cheap replacement off of Amazon, and by “super cheap” I mean $3.28 before tax, and $3.00 of that was shipping, thinking that I could get by on charging my phone in my car whenever I drove anywhere and trying to minimize use until it arrived. I had to go somewhere that amounted to driving for about 40 minutes Sunday, and didn’t drive on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I checked my Amazon order status Wednesday night and my charger hadn’t shipped yet. The situation was looking dire, so with my phone’s battery on it’s last leg I had to do something. Yesterday I bought a multi-device charger at Staples for $18. I figured that considering that my carrier would’ve charged almost twice the aggregate total of the two chargers to get one from them, I was still coming out ahead – or that’s what I keep telling myself. No sooner than when I got back from my errand did I see the email from Amazon indicating that the charger had been shipped. I cursed a blue streak and then realized I still wouldn’t get the charger for a couple of days, so I think I did the right thing.

Positive charge

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