Getting my feet back under me

The last week and a half has been a whirlwind of activity, from the beach two weekends ago to Chicago last weekend. Thankfully neither my outbound nor inbound flight was delayed too much, though after the last time I flew I would’ve just taken them not being canceled. The city was predictably awesome, and during the weekend I ate what quite seriously could be the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten: Passion Fruit SoufflĂ©. I can’t even really adequately explain the awesomeness, even though I tried yesterday:

so i dip into this soufflĂ©… and for real, i nearly had to change my pants. it was like a bunch of fruits were rolling around on my tongue

Now that I’m back and should not be traveling anywhere outside of this time zone, or even to an area that would be considered a long distance call for awhile, I’m hoping things will start to settle down again. A look at the calendar doesn’t exactly make me feel like that’s an immediate possibility, but soon. At least I hope so, especially because…

Getting my feet back under me

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  1. I traveled soooo much the first half of this year- it’s been really nice taking it easy this summer. But as you said, a look at the calendar predicts that won’t be the case for long….


    Once I get past this weekend I’ll get to breathe. Until then, it’s busy every night.

  2. You had fruit in your pants? And it was passionate?

    Cube, it’s always passionate.

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