Add it up

Wow, that was a hell of a weekend. To wit:

Hours spent in car on trip down: 3
Percentage spent really having to pee: 33
Mountain Dews that are to blame: 2
Minutes elapsed between arriving in room and opening first beer: 2
People with me in the room at the time: 0
Percentage of me that cares: 0
Beer runs required shortly after being joined by teammates: 1
Bar tab, only partly spent on food, at the bar at night: > $600
Pictures I attempted to take of the tab for posterity: 1
Success: 0
Percentage for which booze was responsible: 100
Irony: ∞
Alarms set for the morning: 2…

Alarms that went off: 1
Hours of sleep: 5
Games played: 2
Goals scored: 1
Instances of Soulja Boy dance performed in tandem: 1
Percent of energy remaining upon return to hotel: 15
Energy drinks consumed: 2
Beers consumed before going to dinner: 2
Beers consumed at dinner: 3
Appetizers eaten solely by me: 2
“That’s what she said” and “That’s what I told her” jokes told: > 50
Times they weren’t funny: 0
Restaurant tab for smaller group than previous night: > $300
Beers consumed at bar after: 5?
Beers paid for: 0
Instances of New Kids dance performed in tandem: 2
Pizza slices consumed on walk home: 1
Friends I learned were injured after I’d left the park: 1
Wake up calls requested: 1
Alarms set for the morning: 1…

Alarms that went off: 0
Wake up calls received: 1
Hours of sleep: 4
Games played: 1
Minutes I waited to depart after: 10
Hours spent driving back: 3
Energy drinks consumed: 1
Injuries currently being nursed: 1
Free nights the rest of the week: 0
Rest for the weary: 0

Add it up

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  1. Oh, the “That’s what she said” jokes…they wear on me. They really do.

    Glad you had a nice time. A more than $600 tab impresses me. Good work.

    But how do you feel about “that’s what I told her” jokes?

  2. I feel terrible saying this, but I think I’m too old to ever have a weekend like that… and you’re older than me.

  3. That came out wrong… I meant I couldn’t survive that weekend and I feel like a wuss.

    Oh Jo… it only comes once a year, and we all know what we’re getting ourselves into. Many people older than I were along for the ride.

  4. there is too much math in this post.

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