Likes it ruff

Recently there’s been a disturbing development between the walls of Chez-66. The puppy has begun to hump things. A lot. Specifically his bed. This is a rectifiable problem whenever I get the chance to make an appointment to do what Bob Barker always told me to, but for the time being it’s relatively comical. You see, he doesn’t just hump the bed, seen in this video:

No. He turns it on its side (just like he did in the video) and, since now he’s chewed all the foam out of it, it collapses like a soggy onion ring, allowing him to get on top of it and hump the crap out of it. And no, he doesn’t just hump the crap out of it. He grabs the front end of it with his mouth and humps the crap out of it. Put it this way, if the bed was a girl, he’d have her by a handful of hair. When I catch him, he lets go and runs for his crate. Evidently in the dog world ruff sex is verboten. If I catch him slapping it on its would-be ass, I’m making that appointment right then.

Likes it ruff

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  1. Get the damn dog fixed!

    And, this was a letdown. I thought there would be some humping in that video, for sure…

    I’ve tried to catch him on video, but he likes the camera. Not that he poses for it, but when I bring it out he has to get an up close look, so he stops what he’s doing and comes over. I’m working on my covert recording skills.

  2. I too had the same reaction as Lemmonex. I watched this video for 2 minutes and got no humping? Damn it!!

    You all are pervs.

    …and I love it.

  3. My dog has no nuts, but he’s still a humping fool. I wake up to him humping my foot. He’ll scratch away the covers to get to skin. Or if my hand’s exposed, he’ll go for that too.

    I’ll have to go to bed with my video camera to catch him in the act. It seems to be what the public is craving.

  4. Worst porno ever.

  5. the quacking and IM noises really make this video

  6. I admit it. I am one of those people that can watch this over and over. That is one super cute pup you’ve got there. I love his little quacky toy, love how he puts it in his bed “mine.” And yes, the im noises in the background “I’m an urban maie. My machine is up and running,” …perfection.

    You can see in his eyes that he is just loving having play time.

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