Paging Chris Hansen…

Nevermind my current relationship status, or whether I’m feeling the push by anyone other than my mother to get married and have children…

Facebook evidently thinks that we’re so desperate for relationships that we’ll chase girls who look like they’re still in high school. I guess the question is as to whether people who are 50 [...]

Brief digression

Usually political conversation is enough to make me want to play in traffic, but I can’t help but turn an eye to this whole Jesse Jackson/Barack Obama “cut his nuts off” thing. Okay, so Jackson opened his yap and said something stupid. I’m not going to take him to task for what he said, or [...]

In her defense, she was due.

It’s good to know that these things are going to happen before they do, to have siblings that warn you going in. That way you’re prepared.
The scene: The end of the weekend. Striker is harassing Chick Magnet, who’s more playful with him than usual.
Mom: I’m setting you up on a blind date.
I-66: No you’re not.
Mom: [...]


Growling at other dogs 2 stories below and across the street. For hours.

Check the Yellow Pages for a good ad agency

Okay, I don’t get this commercial. You’ve seen it.

Okay, so the dude in the yellow pages asks when she’s marrying Mike, and the girl indicates she’s marrying Tom… and only now she’s getting the tattoo removed? Really? Tom’s presumably had sex with this woman (because it’s “in the future”, and we [...]

Flagrantly Fragrant

About a year ago, a number of family members went to lunch one weekend afternoon. As usual, because we were too busy being loud and embarrassing to eat all our food, we took a lot of it home. We dropped my grandmother off at her place, and I carried her food inside for her. I [...]

Follow the Leader

As puppies will be, mine is curious about everything. When we walk, he wants to jump up on the people he sees, run ahead and see that leaf that just moved, and play with every dog whose path he crosses at all costs. Needing to control him better and break him of those habits, I [...]

30 Crock

I’ve always taken the opinion of women on the looks of other women with a grain of salt. Women are great in finding beauty in other women that men don’t see. That’s not to say that the beauty is or isn’t there, but that, obviously, men judge the beauty of women differently than other women, [...]

Sunday to Monday: One tired dude, dude.

All times approximate
9:00am – Begin tailgating. Start drinking.
Continue drinking
Continue drinking
11:30am – Enter stadium. Acquire beer.
Continue drinking
Continue drinking
2:15pm – Leave stadium. Head to bar.
2:30pm – Arrive at bar. Acquire beer.
Coninue drinking
4:30pm – Close tab. Go home.
4:45pm – Walk dog. Kinda.
5:15pm – Feed dog. Shower.
5:45pm – Sit down on couch.
6:15pm – Wake up. Order pizza.
6:30pm – Take [...]