A man will do a lot for his friends

Anytime this guy calls before 10am, you know something is up because it means 1) he’s actually up before 10am, and 2) it’s important enough to call.

Deep Cover: I put you down as a security contact for a job I’m interviewing for.
I-66: What do I have to do?
Deep Cover: Just confirm that I lived back home. I had to give them all the places that I lived over the past years and list a person to contact for each one. I just need your address where you’re living now.
I-66: [gives address]

(pause while Deep Cover is writing)

I-66: …am I going to have to lie?

A man will do a lot for his friends

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  1. Whenever anyone calls me before 10 am, I answer the phone and sa “Someone better be dead”. One day, this will be the case and I will feel like a huge ass.

    You’ll either be an ass or a prophet.

  2. Can’t it be both?

    Jay was a “prophet” in Dogma, and he’s definitely an ass. So yeah, I guess so.

  3. What’s Dogma?

    (I ask these questions just to drive I-66 apeshit.)

  4. If you’re a good friend, you’re going to have to lie.

  5. Matt is right, because a true friend knows every reason why someone should not hire that person.

  6. I had to do a security clearance interview for my ex-husband a while back. All they seemed to want to know was whether he did drugs or slapped me around.

    And, no, he didn’t, and, yes, I was nice. But for a moment I contemplated some pretty evil actions.

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