Puppy 1, Man 0

I can’t believe I didn’t tell this story, but since I was just reminded of it there’s no better time than the now.

Important details: I had gotten in bed at 3am; My AC unit is constantly switched on, and only runs when the temperature requires it, thus it runs for a few minutes, stops for a few minutes, and then runs again; Striker only makes noise when he’s in his crate if someone else is in the apartment for long without releasing him. If the crate is covered and he hears the door open and shut, it is moments before he starts whining if he is not released.

The Scene: 6:30am Sunday morning. The dog is asleep, curled up in his bed. I-66 is asleep, curled up under the covers, and facing the dog.

Striker: [shoves his cold wet nose in I-66's face]
I-66: [opens his eyes and is staring face to face with a puppy who has to pee. head hurting and tired, he closes his eyes]
Striker: [whines, shoves his nose into I-66's chin]
I-66: [rolls over and slides away from the edge of the bed, out of puppy reach, because he knows better than to jump up]
AC Unit: I’m done, yo. [shuts off]
Striker: [whines, rests his chin on the edge of the bed]
I-66: [pulls pillow over head]
Striker: [whines more, growls frustratedly]

I-66 waits a few moments until AC Unit kicks on again

AC Unit: Now’s your chance, dude. HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…

Thinking the noise made by AC Unit will mask any sound, he puts Striker in the crate and covers it. He goes to the door and opens and shuts it before creeping slowly on his toes over to the bed and lays down on top. The dog should think the place is empty and go to sleep. Roughly 30 seconds pass before…

Striker: [whine/growl combo I-66 calls the "grine"]
I-66: Fine. You win.

Puppy 1, Man 0

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  1. “I’m done, yo”

    Classic! I’ll think of this every time my temperature-controlled AC shuts off…

  2. Hmmm… reasons that even though I want a puppy morethananythingever!, I shall continue to wait… the precious few hours of sleep I do get do not need yet another interruption.

  3. have i mentioned…that i can “grine”??? lol xoxo

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