Dear Inconsiderate Prick,

Of the four available washing machines, was it really necessarily for you to utilize all of them? I realize they’re public, but that doesn’t give you carte blanche to use all of them at your whim. How do I know one person is solely responsible for using them? Oh, I don’t know, because they all were not running when I left my apartment, but in the time it took me to get down to the room, all of them were running at once, and they all had the same time left on them. That’s a pretty damning indictment. Further, that you left multiple types of detergent in the room is another indicator, as only someone washing multiple loads at once would require three different bottles of it. And speaking of that detergent that you left in the room while you presumably went back to your place and kicked off your shoes to watch tv while wishing you were less of an ass, I can assure you that that was a mistake. Yeah, it’s still there, and it will be there when you return. However, I assure you that I got the last laugh.

Dear Inconsiderate Prick,.

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  1. I fear getting flame for this–and maybe I am just as inconsiderate–but I don’t think that is so bad. It is Friday during the day…It isjust one of those annoyances that comes with apartment living.

    Now, if he isn’t there to switch over when wash is done, he is a doink. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing wet clothes left in a washer…

    This was last night. I don’t care how much laundry I have, under no circumstances would I take up 4 of the 6 machines while the other 2 were running. Especially not in the evening. Yes, during the day it is slightly less dickish and slightly more justifiable if you make the assumption that most of the people are at work, but at night when more people are presumed to be home? No way.

  2. *flamed* that is.

  3. I fear flame, too.

    I hate people that use up all the washers and dryers at once. Like, plan your life better, and do laundry a little more often. I never do more than two loads at a time.

    Then again, I’m the sort of woman who at 31 still buys new underwear whenever I don’t want to do laundry.

    I’ve never done that with underwear, but definitely with socks. My justification for that is that I had a weekend’s worth of laundry, one washer/dryer to utilize, and the complete and utter lack of desire to sift through it and wash just the socks.

    I should add that I realize that there is a possibility that no, it was not one person solely responsible for that. Still, considering the evidence at hand, as well as the fact that I’ve yet to see more than 2 other people at once in the laundry room as long as I’ve been here, I’m inclined to believe that it was one person.

  4. This is why I do not live in a highrise or a place that has public laundry. I lived in a highrise in Alexandria when I first moved here – and literally would sit there and wait till my stuff done – I witnessed more thefts of peoples clothes it was silly. No way will i ever use public laundry ever again, I am a public laundry snob

    Did you use their detergent or dump it out? haha

    Neither. I’m surprised you’re the first person to inquire. What’s the statute of limitations on something like this?

  5. I assume you added something. And it wasn’t fabric softener.

    I can neither confirm nor deny the addition of liquid substance.

    Oh wait, you didn’t imply liquid. Um… I’d like to strike my remarks from the record.

  6. haha – I know nothing – did you mix the detergents together? now that would be funny

    Had I some bleach, I would’ve poured it into the detergent for the colored clothes.

  7. I’m also voting the addition of an alien substance…


  8. I’m, um, kind of with Lemmonex on this one. I have communal laundry and it’s first come, first serve. If I miss the boat due to bad timing then I fucking miss the boat. However, it is a different story if someone leaves shit in the washer after it’s done. If you’re going to do laundry in a public spot you have to be on top of that, meaning you time to the second the 29 minutes it takes to wash your shit and get it out of there. If you don’t, that’s when you might find your stuff on in a wet pile on top of the machine. However, I would never mess with someone’s property to damage it, which includes fucking with their detergent. I hope you’re joking about that….

  9. I’m voting he either peed in the bottles, added bleach or added Striker poo.

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