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  1. damnit work blocks this lovely stuff – no fair highway!!

    Oh I do appreciate the jealousy ;)

  2. Call me crazy, but I don’t get Robot Chicken’s Appeal.

    Also, not into that weird cartoon with the talking shake and the sarcastic meatball.

    You mean Aqua Teen Hunger Force, crazy.


  3. The talking shake cracks me up so do the fries. The meatball is a little odd I will say.

    What great halloween costumes that would be.

  4. I hate fucking Peanuts and oh yeah..Charles Schulz is still dead and little Elian is still in Cuba.

  5. Oh snap! I love me some Adult Swim.

    Best ATHF quote of all time:

    Meatwad: One, two, three, …four….k-five –

    Master Shake: K-five?

    Meatwad: Yea …k-five.

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