Paging Chris Hansen…

Nevermind my current relationship status, or whether I’m feeling the push by anyone other than my mother to get married and have children…

27 and still single? Try a 16 year old girl!

Facebook evidently thinks that we’re so desperate for relationships that we’ll chase girls who look like they’re still in high school. I guess the question is as to whether people who are 50 and have Facebook pages get this same ad, of course with their age instead of mine.

Unfortunately that one doesn’t lend itself to editing like this one…

….which I once turned into this.

Paging Chris Hansen...

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  1. “Have children by anyone other than my mother” is a pretty easily misinterpreted phrase, dude.

    And my Facebook ads today make me want to stick a fork in my eye.

    Dammit. If it were any crowd other than this one…

  2. facebook and myspace are starting to get on my nerves lately, I am considering deleting them all.

    I barely log into myspace anymore. Facebook is where it’s at.

  3. SO glad I never started a Facebook or MySpace page.

    But how else will we see you?

  4. The sad thing is when 27 y/o women dress & act like they’re still in high school. All the detriments of advancing age combined with all of the detriments of immaturity. Oh well, I guess it at least indicates a nice healthy level of insecurity. Hott.

  5. My favorite Facebook singles ad is for Christian Singles, and the girl looks like a cross between a porn star and jail bait.

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