Brief digression

Usually political conversation is enough to make me want to play in traffic, but I can’t help but turn an eye to this whole Jesse Jackson/Barack Obama “cut his nuts off” thing. Okay, so Jackson opened his yap and said something stupid. I’m not going to take him to task for what he said, or for some sort of imaginary responsibility that he has to black people to support other black people. My problem is the apology.

There’s no question in my mind that this apology is not for having said what he said, or having thought what he thought. No, this apology said “I’m sorry my microphone was on and you had to hear that.” And then for Jackson to indicate that he wanted to apologize publicly because he knew Fox News would “violate the context of it” is ricockulous. What context are we talking about here? That it was a conversation you thought was off the record? It doesn’t change that you evidently feel that way, microphone on or off. The only difference is that with the microphone on, everyone knows.

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  1. Its the same as apologizing to someone and saying “I am sorry you feel that way”. It’s dodging the issue and avoiding a sincere apology.

  2. I think that Jackson is very bitter that he was never taken seriously as a candidate for president.

    Too bad, so sad.

    I’m sorry that he has to deal with that fact.

    Wait. No I am not.

  3. Its lose-lose situation. Either apologize, and everyone knows you’re full of crap, or don’t apologize, and everyone thinks you *are* crap.

    It’s got to be sad for him when not many people will feel sorry that he’s in that sort of situation.

  4. Totally agree that he should have apologized for the comment, not for the um mic being on. Argh.

  5. Why not just own up to it and admit he wishes Obama was a eunuch?

  6. Absolutely he should have apologized for the comment, not that it was into the microphone. But this is Rev JJ… the man who paid off the tution of a classless amateur con artist stripper who tried to royally screw a bunch of Duke lacrosse players for money and attention (ed. note: and I went to Carolina. I HATE Dook). What were we expecting? Personally, I’m just glad he got caught at all.

  7. Jesse Jackson is a douche. QED.

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