Check the Yellow Pages for a good ad agency

Okay, I don’t get this commercial. You’ve seen it.

Okay, so the dude in the yellow pages asks when she’s marrying Mike, and the girl indicates she’s marrying Tom… and only now she’s getting the tattoo removed? Really? Tom’s presumably had sex with this woman (because it’s “in the future”, and we all know that not sampling the goods before buying in bulk doesn’t exist in the future), so unless we’re talking a limited catalog of sexual positions (no doggy style, no reverse cowgirl) he has to have seen the tattoo. Tom wouldn’t have waited for the removal before putting the ring on her finger? A man wouldn’t propose to a woman who still had another man’s mark on her, would he? Baffling.

Yeah. I spent my weekend pondering stuff like this. And you know what? It was fantastic.

Check the Yellow Pages for a good ad agency

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  1. It’s baffling for sure.

    How many times has Tom asked “uhh….so, when you gettin’ the tattoo removed?…”

    But secondly, how cool is it for Mike, to know there’s this chick with his name tattooed on her ass?

    “Yeah…Tom may be marrying her…but it’s my name on her ass….”

  2. Well… everyone knows that Johnny Depp’s “Forever Winona” became “Forever Wino.”

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