Sunday to Monday: One tired dude, dude.

All times approximate

9:00am – Begin tailgating. Start drinking.

Continue drinking

Continue drinking

11:30am – Enter stadium. Acquire beer.

Continue drinking

Continue drinking

2:15pm – Leave stadium. Head to bar.

2:30pm – Arrive at bar. Acquire beer.

Coninue drinking

4:30pm – Close tab. Go home.

4:45pm – Walk dog. Kinda.

5:15pm – Feed dog. Shower.

5:45pm – Sit down on couch.

6:15pm – Wake up. Order pizza.

6:30pm – Take dog to potty.

6:45pm – Begin eating pizza.

7:15pm – Full of pizza, sit down on bed.

8:00pm – Wake up. Eat another slice of pizza. Turn on TV.

10:00pm – Sit on bed again.

10:30pm – Wake up. Take dog to potty.

11:00pm – Go to sleep for good.


6:00am – Slam snooze button.

6:07am – Again.

6:14am – Again.

6:21am – Again. Hear dog whine. Get up. Walk dog.

6:45am – Chug Mountain Dew. Hope week gets better.

One tired dude, dude.

4 Responses

  1. I’m impressed.

    Impressed is pretty much the antithesis of my feeling yesterday morning.

  2. Ah, the hazards of daytime drinking. If you drink at night, you get to sleep through much of your hangover.

    I slept through a lot of it. It just took a few tries.

  3. Your life is tough.

    Seriously. The middle class? Murder.

  4. After a 4-1 drubbing of LAG, it can’t be _that_ bad…

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