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I’ve always taken the opinion of women on the looks of other women with a grain of salt. Women are great in finding beauty in other women that men don’t see. That’s not to say that the beauty is or isn’t there, but that, obviously, men judge the beauty of women differently than other women, and I rate another guy’s opinion on the looks of a woman higher than another woman’s opinion of the same girl’s looks.

So when I saw this, NBC4’s list of 30 hottest women, according to women, I couldn’t wait to see what was on it, because I knew I was going to object.

Just scratching the objection surface: #29, #17, #16, #12, #9, #1

What say you?

30 Crock

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  1. I don’t even know who half those women are.

    Alright, so I’m not the only one.

  2. Upon reading your post, my first thoughts went to “this starts from a fairly biased perspective.” Then I looked at the women – ummm, yeah. Who are these women that picked these women; and did the editors go out of their way to find the worst pictures of each?

    I do wonder who the women were, and how many were polled. I can’t even say for certain whether these are good or bad pictures because a number of them I’ve never heard of.

  3. There are 5 or 6 women from “The L Word” on that list. Weird…

    #29, #13, #9, #5 and #2

    That sheds some light on the identities of some of them, and explains at least in part why I don’t know who they are. The fact that 1/6 of the women have that commonality is further puzzling.

  4. At least half of those women are either openly lesbians or bi-curious, play lesbians (or bi-curious) in a role, or are “open sexually” (ex. Angelina) as to make you wonder whether they could be a lesbian. Or bi-curious. That’s not to say I don’t think they’re absolutely fabulous, although most of them probably wouldn’t make my Top 30 (where the hell is Salma Hayek?!) but I think it speaks volumes about the population that cared enough to vote in NBC’s little survey…

    Further insight. Man. WTF, NBC4? Where’s the quality control?

  5. I have to admit that I’ve always thought there was something sexy about Tina Fey, but #1? Nah, not even close.

    I nearly did a Mountain Dew spit take when I got to #1. I wouldn’t kick Tina Fey out of my bed for eating crackers, but I’m with you – not #1.

  6. LivitLuvit, as I got closer to #1 my exact thought was “If there is no Salma Hayek on this list we know it is full of shit.”

    I-66, absolutely zero science on this poll. It has as much validity as the polls ESPN conducts every night. First you have to like sports enough to watch ESPN, then you have to be so invested in the issue that you run (think lemmings) from the tv to the computer on cue. Too small of a sample.

    Turns out it has more validity than we originally thought… NBC just presented it very very poorly. See below.

  7. Not to pile on the tastebashing here (Ellen Page?), but I wonder if the title of the poll might more appropriately have been The 30 Hottest Women that Women Don’t Feel Threatened By. Or something. Maybe that’s how they picked the photos, too.

    The sidekick from Xena? Seriously? Ten years ago, sure. But now? No, no, no.

    It’s a good thing I am the only one in my office. I laughed out loud at the poll’s alternate title.

  8. What the hell is that list?! Who did they poll? Someone’s aunt’s bridge club? That has to be the most ridiculous “hottest” list I’ve ever seen in my life. First of all, I’ve never heard of at least 2/3 of those women. And I work in magazines. Also noticed that there were quite a few middle-aged lesbians on that list. Not that middle-aged lesbians can’t be hot, but they aren’t really the first ones to jump into my head. That can’t be a coincidence. For that matter, there was an awful lot of crow’s feet on that list. Maybe it’s because I’m used to targeting a much younger audience at work, but there just really wasn’t much “hot” on that list. Beautiful, sure, but not hot. I think the only people i agreed with were Angelina, Mary Louise Parker, and Penelope.

    It’s more than a coincidence, puertorriqueña…

  9. Oh and PS I think that chick from Grey’s Anatomy is terrifying. Like she could eat me. And not in a sexy way. I’m talking a bucket of fried chicken way.

    I ♥ you.

  10. I thought the same thing as LivitLuvit…something is going on here. Not that I don’t have love for my lesbian sister…there is just…oh never mind.

    Yes. Something is indeed going on. It’s a little fishy to be frank…

  11. UPDATE:

    My boy Deep Cover has learned, after being sent the NBC4 link, that the NBC4.com people hijacked the top 30 of the “Hot 100″ on afterellen.com, which bears the sub-text “News, Reviews & Commentary on Lesbian and Bisexual women in Entertainment and the Media.” Of course, NBC4.com does not appear to give credit where it is due.

    So what I can surmise is that the poll is really the list of the hottest women according to women who like women (at least some of the time), and that makes a little more sense. Still, what the hell is up with NBC4.com not giving credit to afterellen.com? And furthermore, how bad is it that the site that I presume to be named for Ellen Degeneres only ranks her at #17?

  12. I KNEW IT!!!

    I’m still confused, though now about something entirely different.

  13. wait, but why wouldn’t Ellen’s much hotter lesbian lover be on the list?

    Bigger mystery:

    Your number of blog posts since June 3: 0
    Your number of comments on my blog today: 4

  14. lol! I know I know I know…. don’t worry. I’ve got something good brewing. Promise!!

  15. Aha! And it all makes sense… Any Hottest Women list without Salma is obviously DEBUNKED!

  16. What a stupid list. Why not throw Edna Turnblad on it?

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