30 Crock

I’ve always taken the opinion of women on the looks of other women with a grain of salt. Women are great in finding beauty in other women that men don’t see. That’s not to say that the beauty is or isn’t there, but that, obviously, men judge the beauty of women differently than other women, [...]

Sunday to Monday: One tired dude, dude.

All times approximate
9:00am – Begin tailgating. Start drinking.
Continue drinking
Continue drinking
11:30am – Enter stadium. Acquire beer.
Continue drinking
Continue drinking
2:15pm – Leave stadium. Head to bar.
2:30pm – Arrive at bar. Acquire beer.
Coninue drinking
4:30pm – Close tab. Go home.
4:45pm – Walk dog. Kinda.
5:15pm – Feed dog. Shower.
5:45pm – Sit down on couch.
6:15pm – Wake up. Order pizza.
6:30pm – Take [...]