Friends to Foes?

In response to yesterday’s post about defriending, unfriending, or whateverfriending people on Facebook, dear Lemmonex commented regarding having been Facebook friends with friends of a guy she dated, the relationship breaking up, and still getting updates on those friends, adding:
“I actually did like those folks. Too bad we cannot see each other from time to [...]

Face Down

I tend to believe that the fact that this is even a question is another example of the downslide of humanity, but I don’t really care because it’s fun to wonder. Something I always wondered, but never had occasion to find out until this summer, was whether someone could see on Facebook when you defriended [...]


Already the mental preparation has begun. We’re 1½ weeks away, and I already have an idea of what I need to buy and pack for the weekend, and what I need to clean out and just plain clean before the trip.
What trip, I-66?
The Beach.
For me it’s the fourth consecutive journey down for the weekend, and [...]

A Rush of Pain to My Head

As you may already be aware, I am a proponent of satellite radio. Not having commercials on many music channels allows for hearing actual songs while in transit, and not having to change the channel in search of actual music. Periodically XM Radio throws out a special station devoted to a certain artist, and usually [...]

A man will do a lot for his friends

Anytime this guy calls before 10am, you know something is up because it means 1) he’s actually up before 10am, and 2) it’s important enough to call.
Deep Cover: I put you down as a security contact for a job I’m interviewing for.
I-66: What do I have to do?
Deep Cover: Just confirm that I lived back [...]

Puppy 1, Man 0

I can’t believe I didn’t tell this story, but since I was just reminded of it there’s no better time than the now.
Important details: I had gotten in bed at 3am; My AC unit is constantly switched on, and only runs when the temperature requires it, thus it runs for a few minutes, stops for [...]

Dear Inconsiderate Prick,

Of the four available washing machines, was it really necessarily for you to utilize all of them? I realize they’re public, but that doesn’t give you carte blanche to use all of them at your whim. How do I know one person is solely responsible for using them? Oh, I don’t know, because they all [...]

The Vet: A Story in Pictures

Sorry, pup. It’s for your own good.

A little Robot Chicken to start your day

Until I figure out how to get the Adult Swim media player to work with wordpress, links will have to suffice.

Why yes, chicken, that is indeed a roost.

A part of me gets a little enjoyment out of the fact that the employer who once sent you packing is now crumbling before very public eyes.
The other part of me worries for the friends that I still have there, and whether their futures will be in question similar to the manner in which mine [...]