Thoughts had while dragging ass like a dog with worms… possibly updated throughout the day…

I’m considering changing the name of the Foxboro Hottubs to Green Day in my iTunes music folder. I mean, yeah they added 3 more guys to the group, but the major players are there, and they’re the ones that count, right?

I’m going to be one sad individual in a couple of weeks. With basketball season already having come to a close, and the Euro tournament ending soon, the only Sportscenter highlights we’re going to get during the week are going to be baseball. It’s too early in the season for me to be paying attention. Come to me in October.

Last night on The Daily Show when Steve Carell asked Jon Stewart if there was a tip jar, and Stewart said “This isn’t a Cold Stone Creamery,” it reminded me that a) I have no idea where the nearest Cold Stone is (mmmmm Cake n’ Shake), and b) it’s a lot of fun to put money in the tip jar when only one worker is there and there’s nobody else in the store, so they have to start singing a solo rendition of whatever the song is just for you.

Since the release of Smash I’ve been a fan of The Offspring. I don’t care how old they are now (Dexter is 42), I still support. The new album? Not bad. It’s not Green Day, American Idiot revitalization, but not bad.

The next person that starts to get off of the elevator at a floor that isn’t theirs because they aren’t paying attention? I’m just going to let them do it.

I wish I had a better view. It would make standing out on the balcony having a beer a lot more enjoyable.

How come things run through our minds, are on our minds, but never go around our minds?

[12:04pm] Why is it that the word fridge has a D in it, but refrigerator does not? And while we’re here, why is curious spelled with two Us, and curiosity with one?

[2:02pm] Does the noun “sandwich” exist because of the verb, or does the verb exist because of the noun?


me: i don’t think you understand the crucifying you would endure.
e: hhahaha
you’d have to find me first
me: like that would be difficult?
e: yeah dude
not living in dc ATM
(and not as in ass-to-mouth. freak.)
me: what the hell does ass to mouth have to do wi — oh.


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  1. There is a Cold Stone in Cleveland Park. I will walk there (40 mins roundtrip) and tell myself it burns all the calories. I like living in my dream world.

    Turns out my closest one is in Crystal City. While it isn’t practical to walk there, I’m surely willing to make the drive.

  2. God. I love the Offspring. Damn they are good.

    Really? Huh. I never would’ve figured you an Offspring girl.

  3. Cold Stone employees will sing when tipped? That’s kind of awesome.

    The first time it happened I was startled. I dropped a dollar in the tip cup and instantly the girl behind the counter started singing (while preparing my shake), and then a guy that was in the back started singing from there too. It was all a bit of a surprise to say the least, and to be honest I wanted to tip more after the song, but then I realized they’d probably have to sing again.

  4. One good thing about Woodbridge is we have a Cold Stone woohoo

    Just so we’re clear, is that one good thing or the one good thing?

  5. I’ve been serenaded by Coldstone employees in the past but I recently dropped a dollar in the cup and was met with silence.

    I’ve come to expect the little ditty, and felt cheated. Almost ruined by cake batter ice cream treat. Almost.

  6. The verb exists because of the noun.

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