Coming around

Everyone likes to be right. We make bets over something like the score of a past Super Bowl or who co-starred with who in a movie, rush to the google on our cell phones to find out the answer, and then we never let the person who bet against us forget it. We celebrate bar trivia success, especially when the right answer is picked before the point value decreases. We play Jeopardy against the contestants on TV and then talk about how we would’ve totally owned that category. It’s instant gratification.

It’s even better when the gratification is delayed. It’s when you say something about something or someone and everyone else tells you you’re wrong. You’re the only one who sees it and you maintain your belief the whole way through. And then suddenly, somewhere down the line, it starts to click for other people and they see exactly what you’ve been seeing. Maybe they don’t single you out and say you were right all along, but inside you know you were. You don’t need acknowledgement. Vindicated, you just smile to yourself.

Coming around

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  1. Kind of like how I think you’re retarded? Oh wait, we all already think that. ZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

    nllm mlln

    Whatever, shambles. nllm mlln

  2. That is a good feeling, when a person is finally discovered. Self satisfied smugness is one of my favorite emotions. Just don’t relish the victory too long…winning is all that matters and gloating is unattractive. Not that you would ever gloat…

    If it makes you feel any better, I never said “I told you so” to any of them.

  3. I was watching some tv show yesterday about criminal behavior and “group think.” They showed a study done on conformity where everyone in the group, minus one, was told to give the wrong answer, then see how the test subject answered. At first he hedged for a few seconds, then, despite what others said, he gave the correct answer. But after repeatedly being exposed to being in a group giving the wrong answer, he started changing his answer (which was incorrect) so that he would be in alliance with the group. Not that I think you’re going out to commit serial murders or anything, and is there anything I don’t already know about Ted Bundy or Charles Manson?

    Ah yes, but I never gave in to the peer pressure. And how do you know I haven’t committed murders already?

  4. You know the ending of Lost, don’t you?

    Yes. Like gerbils, they eat eachother until there’s one left. And then that guy dies when the chopper coming to rescue them lands on his face while he’s sleeping.

  5. Goddammit, I knew the ending was going to suck.

    But what about the mysteries of the island–can you explain THAT?

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