I’m still alive

It’s been a little over 36 hours since I got back from Chicago. I’m alive, but barely. Not only have I gotten very little sleep since Thursday night, since then I have also endured…

- A cancelled flight from National to O’Hare Friday night, which itself was one of many cancelled flights from National to O’Hare that night.

- An early morning drive to Dulles to fly out the next day.

- Drinking from 11am to 7pm once I landed.

- A tornado a little more than 25 miles south of the stadium, causing air raid sirens to go off nearby.

- A near brawl inside the stadium towards the end of the game.

- A near brawl outside the stadium after the game, which required security intervention.

- A delayed boarding of my return flight, followed by that flight sitting on the runway for close to an hour because western flights were delayed in taking off.

- 90 minutes of soccer in Sunday’s swelter upon my return.

But yeah, other than that it was pretty cool. Now someone teach me how to suspend time for a couple of hours so I can doze off.

I'm still alive

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  1. I wish there would have been a brawl; that would be exciting.

    I’m glad you’re looking out for me.

  2. Wow 90 minutes of soccer standing in one place (cause as we all know, moving around at least creates a quasi-breeze) is some devotion to the sport.

    No… that was 90 minutes of running around. I was literally wringing out my jersey during the game.

  3. Stryker peed on The Law’s foot. After he bit her face off. Your dog is unruly!

    …all that and she was still in good spirits on Sunday.

  4. A big pitcher of limeade
    A bottle of vodka from the freezer.
    Some DVD’s.
    Lots of a/c.
    Chewy toy for Striker.
    Ice cubes in his water bowl
    You’re set.

    No rest for the weary, Cube. Two soccer games in three nights… weather permitting.

  5. Chicago is a cruel bitch of a city. No matter how poorly she treats you, you keep going back for more.

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