Where’s the fire?

“And if self-preservation is an instinct you possess, you’d better fucking do it and do it quick.” – Winston Wolf, Pulp Fiction
The fire alarm went off today, and my first instinct was to leave the building. As children it’s what we’re conditioned to do. Fire drills are conducted in school, and whenever the fire alarm [...]


She and I became friends very quickly. We met because of Mutual Friend at a very random, impromptu gathering at my house, and somehow we became good friends.
I’m not sure how it happened.
She was the kind of friend that would take me to a Skins game for my birthday, despite the exorbitant ticket prices. I [...]

Might as well be on a chalkboard

The iPhone fingernail problem
“Considering ergonomics and user studies indicating men and women use their fingers and nails differently, why does Apple persist in this misogyny?”
Really? Misogyny? Wow. I mean, yeah. Apple hates women. They don’t create products specifically geared toward them or anything.

I suppose people whose fingers are too large to use the iPhone should [...]

Things I learned this weekend

- Craigslist buyers can be a ballsy bunch, arranging to meet you at a certain place at a certain time for exchange of goods, but if they change their minds they have no qualms with just not showing. But that’s what can happen when you rely upon strangers.
- When you’re in a crowded dance club, [...]

Because I love me some Basement Jaxx…

Not only do they have a new album coming out this year, Basement Jaxx remixed Adele’s Cold Shoulder. I’m not sure who the bike dude is in the youtube still shot, but it’s really all about the audio. You can freeload a longer version of the track here.


Thoughts had while dragging ass like a dog with worms… possibly updated throughout the day…
I’m considering changing the name of the Foxboro Hottubs to Green Day in my iTunes music folder. I mean, yeah they added 3 more guys to the group, but the major players are there, and they’re the ones that count, right?
I’m [...]


As one of the more plan oriented people in my social circles, I use evite a lot. I’d estimate that I send out over 30 evites per year, and I respond to somewhere around 90 or 100 per year, probably more. I couldn’t tell you what percentage of my responses are yes, no, or maybe, [...]

Coming around

Everyone likes to be right. We make bets over something like the score of a past Super Bowl or who co-starred with who in a movie, rush to the google on our cell phones to find out the answer, and then we never let the person who bet against us forget it. We celebrate bar [...]


In a fit of brilliance, yesterday evening I effectively managed to bar myself from my building. Usually when I walk the dog I take my wallet and my keys. The wallet has my building entry card in it, and my keys, well, they’re my keys. Well, I forgot my wallet for the first time and [...]

I’m still alive

It’s been a little over 36 hours since I got back from Chicago. I’m alive, but barely. Not only have I gotten very little sleep since Thursday night, since then I have also endured…
- A cancelled flight from National to O’Hare Friday night, which itself was one of many cancelled flights from National to O’Hare [...]