Hunch Drunk

Historically speaking I’m a fairly quick and accurate judge of character. Usually the situations in which I have to judge end up affecting only me, such as where I determine whether I want to socialize with someone based on a thing or two that they’ve said or done. Sometimes I end up judging someone’s character [...]

Another reason to love my older sister

Conversation had on Saturday:
I-6sis: “What are you doing for mom on Mother’s Day?”
I-66: “We’re taking her to The Oval Room for brunch.”
I-6sis: “Okay good. I’m going to pay for it.”
I-66: [pause] “What?”
I-6sis: “I’ll call down there and take care of it.”
I-66: “Uh… Alright. Thanks.”
(“Take care of it” in this case means pay for it and [...]

Dogged Determination

Yesterday I took Striker to meet Chick Magnet. The unspoken logic was “yellow labrador retriever and golden retriever? they’re bound to like eachother!” Uh… not exactly. You see, Chick Magnet is a full-grown, adult, human-friendly dog. Striker is a 3-month old, whippersnapper of an anyone-friendly dog. Ruh roh.
Striker quickly set about the task of running [...]

Who the hell are Romy and Michelle?

The Facebook group has been created, the date has been set, and though the venue has not yet been decided I have a pretty good idea of the area in which it will be. And now the debate officially begins:
I-66’s 10 Year High School Reunion. Yay or nay?
I’ve said a little about this here and [...]

Just in time for Mother’s Day. No, really.

My Mother’s Day usually consists of sending flowers to my older sister (who is a mother, despite the fact that I still think of her as just my sister), and my mother, and taking my mother to dinner with my younger sister. It’s kinda routine, which isn’t to say that it isn’t special, but it [...]

Lush Puppy

Over the course of my life I’ve met a number of people who were introduced to an age-restricted substance at a young age. Well, I should say over-introduced. As a means of preventing future use, these folks were made to drink more than they should, or smoke a bunch of cigarettes in a row, or [...]

Gold standard

It is probably no secret around these parts that I’m a fan of HBO’s Entourage. The writers’ strike pushed the opening of the new season from June to September of this year, and HBO’s started running ads for the new season. With that in mind, and in an effort to make my Jewish readership happy, [...]

Build a better alarm clock

It’s a wonder the snooze button even works on my alarm clock. I’m one of those people that sets the alarm 15 or 20 minutes earlier than he needs to get up so he can get the psychological benefit that comes with hitting the snooze button to get those “few extra minutes” of sleep. Of [...]