Shot through the dog

Pet owners of DC, I have a question. For as long as I can remember I took our dogs to the Falls Church Animal Hospital. You might imagine that now, given my current location, that isn’t exactly a feasible option. Striker is due for a number of shots and this will be my first time taking him since I got him. Are there any DC vets that you can recommend?

On another Striker-related note, he nearly killed himself last night. I was going South on 395 and he was in the passenger seat. He likes to stand with his back to the front of the car, put his front paws up on the top of the back of the seat next to the headrest and stick his nose out the partially-rolled-down right rear window. Well, this time he managed to put his paw on the window button and roll the window all the way down. With much more wind now to smell, he then climbed up onto the back of the seat, wedging himself between the headrest and open window where he was a sudden acceleration or left turn from quite literally flying out the window. At this point I noticed that more wind was coming in than should have been, so I turned and saw him perched so percariously. I looked back at the road and blindly grabbed some loose puppy fur/skin and yanked him down from there before restoring the window to its partially open position and engaging the child window lock. He opted to lay down in the seat with his head on the center console and stare up at me the rest of the ride. Little bastard.

Shot through the dog

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  1. I live in Adams Morgan and we use City Paws on 14th. We got them from someone else and when our dog got sick (we got her in January from rescue group) we got in the morning I called at 8am. We were new patients too!

    Thanks! Who better to ask than other pet owners?

  2. Georgetown Veterinary Hospital. I swear by Dr. Morgan. Thora and Sammy love him. He’s wonderful and he knows his crap. It’s a family run business, can’t say enough good things.

  3. Whatever you do, DO NOT GO TO DUPONT VETERINARY HOSPITAL. They change doctors every 2 weeks and you never get the same person twice and then they started bringing in vets who looked 11 years old and I was done. D-O-N-E done.

  4. Georgetown Veterinary or Friendship Heights. Both have gotten high marks.

    Thank God he didn’t get out of the car. I bet he was looking at you like “Daddy’s mad at me.”

  5. Collins Animal Hospital (Georgetown/Glover Park, across from Social Safeway) is really great.

    I have a seatbelt thingy for George. Clips to the real seatbelt. It works, but he hates that he can’t run amok in the car.

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