If you can’t hear yourself, listen harder.

“You don’t seem very excited about this H thing,” DC said.

I’d told him about her, and I’ve known him for a very long time so a lot of the time he knows what I’m thinking before I know I’m thinking it. Of course I thought otherwise.

“Well I don’t know her all that well. I mean, we’ve only been out a couple of times,” I explained. I mean it was true, but retrospectively speaking it didn’t do very much to explain my apparent lack of excitement. I’ve probably been more excited over less. Still, I dismissed the notion that I wasn’t very excited.

A few days later, there was no more “H thing.” And I’ll be damned, I could utter no more than “eh” when attempting to verbalize my feelings over it. There are some people who know us better than we know ourselves. Sometimes we don’t listen, and rarely do we ever learn. Rarely.

If you can't hear yourself, listen harder.

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  1. With some people, it is just not there. No use trying to force it. That never works out. In the meantime, at least you are surrounded by great friends. We cannot all be so lucky.

    True. In this instance I didn’t feel like I was forcing it until I could look at it from the outside. Somewhere I knew it, but definitely not at the front of my mind.

  2. Hmm….well. Okay.

    You’re not callous enough to keep pursuing for, ahem, “personal growth” when you know you aren’t interested in anything further, either. So that separates you from roughly 99.8 percent of the DC Dating population, and therefore, puts you in a great place of finding someone who does all that for you and then some.

    And, you tried. If you didn’t try, I’d be smacking your hand right now.

    Unless I try I’ll never know. I don’t see the point of going on with something that I know is doomed to failure just for the sake of going on with it. It’s fairer to both parties not to force it.

  3. thats the benefit of having people around you that you trust…they’re always looking out for you, whether you’re looking out for you or not

  4. Yeah, sometimes you just know. And when you know, you know you know :)

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