Dog + Fetch + Tile floor =

I’m not sure if he was looking for the ball or if he was distracted by his tail. I think it’s 50/50.

Dog + Fetch + Tile floor =

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  1. A good reminder for this gloomy a.m. Keep it playful and light.

    Puppies sliding around is always enjoyable.

  2. Aww. he’s cute!!!

    And incredibly tolerant of my whims.

  3. Keep this up, and you’re going to have to set Stryker up with his own blog.

    Then he’ll get all famous, and you’ll just end up being That Guy That Stryker Lives With. And maybe a mention in the foreword of his book.

    It’s only a matter of time before he’s part of a franchise of Striker action movies with titles like Thunderstrike and Strike[r] Force: Puppy Brigade.

  4. Hahaha, he reminds me of my pup, Horatio, except he’s more Scottish Terrier like.

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