Way in which I-66 is a genius #562

At around 2am this morning I awoke to what sounded like someone knocking at my door. I’d been asleep for nearly an hour and my wits were whatever the opposite of “about me” is. “Who the fuck would be knocking on my door at 2 in the morning?” I thought. “That can’t be what that is.” I went back to sleep.

At around 8:15 this morning I woke up (I’m working 2-10pm today.) I set about preparing to do what I do first every morning: take the puppy out. I pocketed a dog treat, a puppy poo bag, my wallet, and reached for my keys which ended up not being where they usually are. I began looking elsewhere. The coffee table, desk, kitchen counter, bathroom (don’t look at me like that – you’d be surprised), and bed yielded nothing. I scratched my head and retraced my steps. “When’s the last time I had them? I took Striker for a walk…”

And then it hit me. Those two paragraphs up there? Totally related.

I opened the front door and looked at the lock. No keys. On my door was a post-it note from an “officer” (security?) which said that I’d left them in the door and that they were now at the front desk.

Today I am thankful for honesty and good samaritans.

Way in which I-66 is a genius #562

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  1. Ha. I do that shit all the time. It’s because of the dog(s.) They want in in in in in any door that might possibly open, they distract you and you forget the keys in the door.

    So…meeting tonight….wonder how fast it will be!

    I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before. I’m just glad I haven’t locked myself out. ::knock on wood::

    I hope it’ll be fast. This 2-10 business is worse than a usual day because I’ve already been up for so long by the time I come to work. Who knows though. Now that they have no more friendlies on the board, they may see fit to cast stones.

  2. I went out of town for four days, and forgot to shut the front door of my apartment. It remained ajar the entire time. My neighbor thought that I might be dead inside (literally, not figuratively). But no one went in to check to see if I was there, which I thought was weird.

    Yeah… I think if I had valid concerns about someone’s safety I’d go into the place.

  3. Your blond roots are showing

    I was thinking about getting highlights, actually.

  4. Highlights=cute

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