Hunch Drunk

Historically speaking I’m a fairly quick and accurate judge of character. Usually the situations in which I have to judge end up affecting only me, such as where I determine whether I want to socialize with someone based on a thing or two that they’ve said or done. Sometimes I end up judging someone’s character for someone else. I know that I can be wrong because I have been wrong, but far more often than not I find that I’m on the money and I feel secure in the decision that I’ve made.

Every now and again, rare as it may be, I will accurately judge someone but either I hope at the time that I’m wrong or I say “fuck it” and go forward socially. It’s times like these that it sucks to be right because you know all along that you are, and when the reasons that you’re right come to the fore you feel really dumb and you only have yourself to blame. So what do you do? You resolve to follow your hunches more often.

But not before you deal with the situation.

Hunch Drunk

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  1. I am often loath to follow my instincts as well, but it’s been to my detriment much more often than not. Good luck!

    I normally do, and when I don’t I regret it. The lesson, of course, is…

  2. I have often found, especially with blog-land, that your assessments have been dead on, 100% of the time.

    Ohhhh my… let us not speak of the one who shall not be spoken of.

  3. I read this and thought, “Now what triggered this?” Obviously there is a story behind it. Velvet’s comment made me even more curious. I guess it’s good that I’m not part of that blogging community.

    You’re right in that there’s a story. Whether I ever share it remains to be seen. I can tell you that what Velvet said and what this is about are two entirely unrelated things.

  4. Oh yeah. Unrelated. I only said it because in all the years of knowing one I66, he’s always been right about peeps. And the peeps we both know are (were) bloggers. I don’t know any of his real-world people, except his mommy!!!!!

    This is clearly about a GIRL. And you know why. Because YOU WANTED TO LIKE HER! Right? Right? No? Damn.

    Don’t ask me. I’m a wretched judge of character. Case in point…dc blogs blogroll…..

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