Another reason to love my older sister

Conversation had on Saturday:

I-6sis: “What are you doing for mom on Mother’s Day?”
I-66: “We’re taking her to The Oval Room for brunch.”
I-6sis: “Okay good. I’m going to pay for it.”
I-66: [pause] “What?”
I-6sis: “I’ll call down there and take care of it.”
I-66: “Uh… Alright. Thanks.”

(“Take care of it” in this case means pay for it and arrange a special tasting menu for us.)

Another reason to love my older sister

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  1. Can your sister “take care” of a few meals for me?

    Come to NY with me and you will find out the answer to that question.

  2. Take care of it in my world means he’ll disappear and his corpse won’t turn up for thirty years until they start to revamp the overpass. (This is a JOKE people.)

    It sounds like your mother was treated very well on such a soggy day.

    I’m reminded of Jules Winfield making a gun out of his thumb and index finger, holding it to his head, and asking Vincent “take care of her?” when he said Marsellus wanted him to take care of Mia.

  3. Ditto to what Lemmonex said.

    You just want me for my sister’s money.

  4. But at least I want you.

    But I knew that already.

  5. At least you weren’t feeding Moms a Big Kahuna burger or a Royale with Cheese.

    Check out the big brain on Cube!

  6. Damn. I needed your sister when that damn E made me eat at Minibar. Jesus. I’ve never seen a bill that high, ever, much less for food that I couldn’t even describe.

    They called a restaurant “Minibar” and you didn’t expect the food to be high-priced? When’s the last time you had anything out of a minibar that was cheap?

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