Dogged Determination

Yesterday I took Striker to meet Chick Magnet. The unspoken logic was “yellow labrador retriever and golden retriever? they’re bound to like eachother!” Uh… not exactly. You see, Chick Magnet is a full-grown, adult, human-friendly dog. Striker is a 3-month old, whippersnapper of an anyone-friendly dog. Ruh roh.

Striker quickly set about the task of running around and throwing himself at Chick Magnet’s face. Chick Magnet was growlingly not interested. She didn’t even care when Striker played with her toys. Even with her obvious displeasure, her visual pleas for help went unanswered…

Dogged Determination

“Please, I-66, get this puppy out of my face.”

Still, Striker was undaunted. He’d sneak up on Chick Magnet from behind while she was laying down, or jump on her from the side while she was sitting. He threw a tennis ball at her and hit her in the leg. He even tried to hump her. Chick Magnet? Not amused.

Dogged Determination
“Seriously, dude. Back up off me.”

I think it’s safe to assume that Striker has not found a new play partner.

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  1. Yes, puppies and adult dogs (who suddenly take on a snotty, “I’m better than you” ‘tude when around puppies) just do not get along. S&T are most tolerant of puppies, but they get that stoic, frozen look on their face. The odd thing though is that the adult dog seems to know it’s a puppy and it doesn’t attack. If an adult dog behaved the way a puppy did to my munchkins, they would attack.

    Yeah… Striker was all about the play, and CM just looked the other way mostly and tried to ignore him. When he got too close, puncturing her personal bubble, she turned and growled at him and he ran away, but that was the extent of it.

  2. You have the cutest dogs ever………..I think I am going to come kidnap Chick Magnet – jk

    That’s just Chick Magnet living up to her blog-given name.

  3. First of all, Chick Magnet is aptly named. What a gorgeous dog.

    Striker is killing me with his puppy funnies. That little tail wagging into a blur. CM acted like all adult pets do. They realize the other one is young and do exactly as she did…tolerate within limits. I believe over time they will get along better, once Striker has some more years on him. Right now he’s all about bouncing off walls and being a pup.

  4. Too funny. I’ve been watching my parent’s dog interact with my little puppy, and it is funny to see the differences. Cracking me up.

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