Who the hell are Romy and Michelle?

The Facebook group has been created, the date has been set, and though the venue has not yet been decided I have a pretty good idea of the area in which it will be. And now the debate officially begins:

I-66’s 10 Year High School Reunion. Yay or nay?

I’ve said a little about this here and there, but I have yet to really lay it out there. I mean the pros and the cons. What better way to decide something than on this here blog?

Pro: I went to high school locally, which means I won’t have to hop on a plane or a Amtrak train to get there.

Con: In the grand scheme of things, 10 years ain’t all that long a time. I don’t think many of us have changed all that much since we graduated…

Con: …and I know this because of MySpace and The MyFace, which in and of itself can be a mini-reunion once people start finding eachother.

Pro: There are people with whom I was friendly back then that I’ve lost touch with over the years, and it could be kinda nice to reconnect…

Con: …though largely I’ve kept in touch with the people that have been most important. I mean, take the guys like Rif, House, Deep Cover, and The Captain that get written about here… we graduated together, and I’ve known them since kindergarten, 6th grade, 6th grade, and 6th grade, respectively.

Pro: No responsibilities! I have enough organizational obligations in my recreational life. Here I can just show up, smile, and just hang out.

Pro: The Captain will get to find out which cheerleader got pregnant right after graduation and which popular football player is hanging drywall. That is his motivation.

Con: The inevitable steady stream of dids, dos, and ares. Where did you go to college? What do you do? Where do you live now? What did you do with my food? Why are you staring at my chest?

Pro: If the guys and I go, if it all goes to shit we can just get wasted together.

Actually, that’ll be just like it was 10 years ago, and really that’s the best kind of reunion one can ask for.

Who the hell are Romy and Michelle?

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  1. I went to my reunion, 11 years after I graduated (we aren’t really a punctual bunch). It was expensive – tickets were $100, and a cash bar on top of that. Even Cokes were $4 — luckily, a girlfriend and I had snuck in a flask of bourbon, which helped somewhat with the costs.

    Basically, nobody had really changed on the inside, and everybody looked better on the outside. But that may have just been because the early 90s were NOT a good time for fashion.

    11 years? Odd number, but better than a 5 year reunion, which is not unheard of.

  2. The person I know that went to the same high school as you did, did not go to his. Though he did consider it. Mine is next year, and I’ll probably go… if only for entertainment value.

    I keep forgetting that I’m older than you. I remember accidentally stumbling upon the page for that particular reunion. I hope mine isn’t done in the same fashion as theirs was.

  3. You know my feeling on these things. In your case, it would be fairly easy to go with a guarantee there would be some people there that you know; i.e. they aren’t all living in Seattle/SF/L.A. I think it’s the later ones that grow more disturbing when you have issues popping up like divorce, damaged children, addictions, behaviorial issues and quirks…all heightened with age….like a celebratory cake with all of the frosting (in a swirled puke inducing mix of the school colors) dropped off the top and sides and lying there pooled in a sticky mess and the bald cake gleaming through and looking crumbly. Laughing. Gee. I think you should go.

    I don’t know about divorces, but there has definitely been at least 1 death in 10 years.

  4. I do think people change in ten years. I am still me, but God have I relaxed and gotten a much better sense of humor about myself. (I know it is hard to believe I have calmed, but I really have.)

    I say go; it is close by, so you can bail and go home if people suck.

    I say this, yet I really don’t want to go to mine.

    That you would have to travel is a big con. Or rather, it would be for me. That it’s so close makes it difficult to justify not going unless I had a big big reason not to. I probably will end up going.

  5. I had a blast at mine. It’s surprising just how much people changed in 10 years… I almost didn’t go since I was coming in solo, driven by my parents because my right foot was still broken and in a cast. It ended up being hilarious and fun. I’d say go… especially since you’re local. If it sucks, you can always just leave. Nothing lost, I’d say.

    Yeah, I’m sure I’ll not hesitate to hit the skids if I’m not digging it. There’s always somewhere else to be.

  6. Go, bring Stryker, liquor him up and have him punch people in the face. Take video, put on YouTube, parlay that into a movie career for Stryker, perhaps a sequel to Romy and Michelle — Goose and Stryker’s High School Reunion. Wow, see what I did right there? I made this post full circle. You’re welcome.

    He told me he only likes punching you in the face, and that he’s going to recruit other puppies for the job. Though for the record, I think he’s only punched you once and seen you twice. That’s only a 50% success ratio. Yes, I just used the word “success” when referring to punching you in the face.

  7. Go. Absolutely. I’m great friends now with a few people I was only acquaintances with in HS.

    I’m leaning that direction.

  8. go..ifi ts lame..jump.. ..it will be good for a blog post…do it for your public..
    that is public not pubic…thats something else…

    Oh? I’ll have to ask you about that 2nd part.

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