Just in time for Mother’s Day. No, really.

My Mother’s Day usually consists of sending flowers to my older sister (who is a mother, despite the fact that I still think of her as just my sister), and my mother, and taking my mother to dinner with my younger sister. It’s kinda routine, which isn’t to say that it isn’t special, but it does warrant a little bit of a change now and again to break up the monotony.

Right when I was considering my options for something new, I received a message through the wonders of the MyFace from the Blog Celebrity that gave me the resolution to my quest. For each of the moms in my life, they’re getting one of these…

Just in time for Mother\'s Day. No, really.

Filled with these…

Just in time for Mother\'s Day. No, really.

Or these, if you so prefer…

Just in time for Mother\'s Day. No, really.

Flowers may be colorful and they may also smell good, but these are colorful, smell good, and taste good. Now go thee forth and spread The Gospel of Deliciousness.

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  1. I have eaten one of these…delicious. I cannot believe you shared…you are a kind man, i-66.

    Why thank you. How could I keep them all to myself?

  2. I got these to share with my mom when she came into town in March and I have to say from personal experience, the bottom ones with the chocolate frosting are just amazing. {{drool}}

    I think my stomach just growled…

    Another satisfied customer it would seem.

  3. Aww…you’re the best!! :) (And thanks for the good reviews, Lemmonex and LJ!)

    Just doing what I can to widen your sphere of influence.

  4. P.S. I’m digging the double link. Also, I was thinking the other day that we **still** haven’t worked out what song that was!!

    Holy shit. How did I come all the way up there, see you, and not go investigate this myself?

  5. You’re a good son/brother, 66. Honor Mamma while you got her.

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