Lush Puppy

Over the course of my life I’ve met a number of people who were introduced to an age-restricted substance at a young age. Well, I should say over-introduced. As a means of preventing future use, these folks were made to drink more than they should, or smoke a bunch of cigarettes in a row, or even smoke a cigar without being explained to how you’re supposed to smoke one. The end result has usually been that the person got sick and never wanted to do that thing again. This is the rationale that I choose to use to explain what happened on Saturday night.

On Saturday night, Striker got into some beer.

Now when I say “got into some beer,” I mean “knocked over a bottle of beer, unbeknownst to anyone in my apartment, and proceeded to lick an unknown quantity of it off of the floor.” By midnight he was plopped down on the kitchen floor and not reacting to anything. Not a snap of the fingers or throwing of a toy was getting that puppy up. Eventually I did manage coax him out to pee, but after that it was back inside. He curled up next to the bed and went to sleep, and I found him in the same exact position the following morning. He didn’t wake up until shortly after 9am, and that’s about 2½ hours later than he usually wakes up. I am convinced he was hungover.

I am also convinced that he’ll never drink again.

Lush Puppy

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  1. My parents had a Springer Spaniel who LOVED beer. If you put a bottle on the floor next to your chair, he would use his ridiculously long spaniel tongue to drink the beer right out of the bottle.

    Now see, that’s an ability I’d like to have. Nevermind that it is probably practically applied in other walks of life…

  2. That’s really getting into something there. Glad he’s okay. Maybe he’ll be a little more wary of foreign substances for a bit!

    He was pretty vehement about wanting to lick it up. I’m worried he might be hooked.

  3. Thora tried some wine this weekend, however, she didn’t like it. I didn’t think to give her beer though. Hmm.

    Poor Striker. He doesn’t have the ability to do the full-drunkard experience. He can’t drink and dial.

    This is proof positive that wine indeed is an acquired taste. Maybe Thora would be better off with some Boone’s.

  4. Whatevs. I know an alcoholic when I see one and nothing says alcoholic stronger to me than Stryker, who I’m pretty sure was drinking before that incident. Let’s not forget he punched me in the face before I even walked in the door…although, come to think of it, that’s not a rare reaction when I arrive somewhere…snap.

    Now that I think about it, I probably would’ve done it if he didn’t.

  5. The next thing we’re going to hear is that Striker is doing Jager Bombs and coming on to girl puppies at the dog park with lines like….”nice collar,” or….”I like to play ruff.”

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