Shot through the dog

Pet owners of DC, I have a question. For as long as I can remember I took our dogs to the Falls Church Animal Hospital. You might imagine that now, given my current location, that isn’t exactly a feasible option. Striker is due for a number of shots and this will be my first time [...]

Manic Wednesday

It’s not Monday, but it feels like it. It’s a quarter to 3 and I’m just now taking a lunch. I didn’t even really think about it since I’ve been away from the desk seemingly all day. It’s all well and good, because when I go back to the office I’ll only have 45 minutes [...]

If you can’t hear yourself, listen harder.

“You don’t seem very excited about this H thing,” DC said.
I’d told him about her, and I’ve known him for a very long time so a lot of the time he knows what I’m thinking before I know I’m thinking it. Of course I thought otherwise.
“Well I don’t know her all that well. I mean, [...]

Head and Shoulders won’t cut it

Like most technologically-savvy Americans, I have multiple email addresses. Most of them serve a specific function: One for the blogs, one for anytime I have to put my email address on the internet to order something (ie: spam me here), one that’s anonymous for answering/placing ads for Craigslist goods, etc etc. My primary email address [...]

Dog + Fetch + Tile floor =

I’m not sure if he was looking for the ball or if he was distracted by his tail. I think it’s 50/50.

Happiness is:

After walking in to work to one extraordinarily puzzling situation and one urgent one when it’s raining, adversely affecting everyone’s mood, you didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night, and whatever you ate for breakfast wasn’t nearly enough because your stomach is beginning to eat itself so you begin to wonder what you should do [...]

Fuck Stanley Steemer

No, seriously.
So I called Stanley Steemer today to try to get a discount on my carpet shampooing because on Saturday the guys showed up without the required equipment and thus I had to wait 2 days to have the job done. I was unsuccessful, and now I will never use Stanley Steemer again. That may [...]


Dear Stanley Steamer,
I arranged to have my carpets shampooed on Saturday afternoon. I booked the appointment online, and I made sure to put my proper apartment number on there so you would know where to go. You assigned me a 4 hour window during which you would arrive, which was fine because I’ve had worse [...]


It is a motherfucker.
That is all.

Way in which I-66 is a genius #562

At around 2am this morning I awoke to what sounded like someone knocking at my door. I’d been asleep for nearly an hour and my wits were whatever the opposite of “about me” is. “Who the fuck would be knocking on my door at 2 in the morning?” I thought. “That can’t be what that [...]