That’s not Folgers in your cup


On the surface I am but an unassuming coffee maker. I appear very simple, with my pot and my on/off switch, and my electrical cord. You probably want to plug me in and make yourself a few cups of Joe.

That\'s not Folgers in your cup

Right now I’m sitting atop a table in I-66’s office. I was found stored in a box, and while I-66 doesn’t drink all that much coffee, he still pulled me out of the box for inspection. In the words of Preach (played by LL Cool J) in Deep Blue Sea, “This is a mistake!”

So, what might be found upon inspection that could make taking a closer look at me a mistake? Do I smell bad? Am I missing some vital piece of equipment? Not exactly… It’s that you lift the lid on me and you find this…

That\'s not Folgers in your cup

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  1. Awesome. You’ve re-created life!

    I’m not sure I want the credit for this, especially considering that the person before the person before me is the one that’s likely to be responsible for it.

  2. Now that is a seriously disgusting thing to find this early in the day. Mannnnn…

    It’s a good thing I’d eaten already. I also don’t want any coffee for awhile.

  3. The same thing happened to a coffee maker of mine. We got a new one and I hadn’t used it in a while. It didn’t smell though…

    I think this one’s going out with the next trash load. I don’t even want to clean it out and use it, knowing all along what had been growing inside.

  4. Your answer to Shannon is dead on. My original response was going to be in big letters: Edward.

    I cannot remember the last time I had a cup of coffee, so it wasn’t me.

    If you surf that computer nice and tight, you can find all sorts of interesting stuff on Edward including his credit reports. Seems someone doesn’t like paying utility bills. What a stupid thing to go to collections for. A $40 gas bill. He wasn’t the brightest bulb in the shop, that’s fo’ sho.

    Yeah… I am actually a little frightened of what I might find.

  5. Show J. She’ll laugh.

    Haha… she’s seen it. I only just now got around to thinking it was bloggable. I’m slipping in my old blog age.

  6. Don’t worry. I deleted the gay porn. Everything else is PG.


  7. How could anyone just DELETE gay porn? My goodness, Velvet, gay porn ought to be blown up to poster size and displayed around the office for all to see.

    Lawsuit, schmasuit.

    Uh… I’d totally delete it.

  8. The best part of waking up is a forest of microscopic organisms in your cup.

    And you won’t believe what it does once it gets inside!

  9. Looks like everything everyone else said AND the beginnings of hydroponically grown marijuana.

    Mmm… hydro. [drool]

    Wait, what were we talking about again?

  10. Soylent green is people. That’s my stock response to anything.

  11. Blow that shit up, Goose.

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