Cookin’ with gas

In an effort to stock my pantries (that’s pantries, AUA and Cube), I went back to the Giant yesterday (and spent $170, but that’s neither here nor there) after work. I was low on gas, and my nav pointed me to a BP not far from the Giant where I decided to stop first. Or rather, pass through first. You see, the BP people decided that they’d cover the two lower octane gasoline pumps and only offer the 93 octane at $3.94 per gallon. Are you kidding me? Look, if I drove hot little cars like some people I’d need the high octane, but I don’t, so I don’t. So, like any other rational individual, I pulled in, stopped, saw what they’d done, and pulled out of there just like that, and wouldn’t you know it – another car did the same thing. It’s bad enough paying what we already have to pay for gas. Who are you fuckers to make it worse for us? Oh by the way, I went to Giant and found another gas station afterward which was not limiting its prospective customers

Up yours, BP.

Cookin' with gas

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  1. I expect more. I expect a photograph of the offending BP station.

    As for the $170 being neither here nor there…it is very much the here or there. Food has gotten EXPENSIVE. A few weeks ago, I decided to finish off all of those little scraps of things we accumulate in our pantries (that’s pantry, not pantie) and it was a week of soup, salad that was lettuce and a carrot, a little this..a little that…my stomach was in knots.

    I had a checkup with my doctor the following week (routine) and told her about this, and she said, “Tell me about it. With children I go four times a week.” She also said, (and it’s troo) “To eat healthy food you have to spend a lot of money–Whole Foods fish versus Shopper’s Hamburger Helper.” I’m trying right now to only buy what I can use up that week, and it’s been working, but man….I hate the expense.

    Don’t get me started on gasoline prices.

    I should have photographed, yes. I was just so infuriated that I left too quickly to do it. On the bright side, I’ve now got a lot of food.

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