Do a little dance

You’re out in a bar. The DJ’s playing throwback tunes, which is a welcome change from hearing that Madonna and Justin Timberlake song for the 3,024th time. All of the sudden, a song you know but don’t know the name of comes on. You feel the urge to do a dance, because you saw it on TV years ago, back when that show was on TV.

That show? The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. That dance?

When this song comes on, I guarantee that no less than 20% of bar patrons will do the dance. They might not all do it right (you hop on the first note, and then you thrust your hips), but they certainly do it.

Here’s the thing… I know the artist and the name of the song. The first person out there to, without the aid of the intertubes, correctly give me the artist and title gets a drink on my dime the next time I see them.

Do a little dance

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  1. I’m stuck, because I know the group, and I (think I) know the name of the song they borrowed, but I don’t remember whether they kept the same name.

    Try it anyway: “Apache” by The Sugar Hill Gang.

    Do you know the originators of that tune? The video is priceless.

    On a related note, I can’t hear Tom Jones’ “Not Unusual” without a similar Carlton Banks experience.

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

    I do know the originators. Cube covered it below before I got the chance, but yeah, the video is unbelievably entertaining.

  2. I happen to know about the originators of Apache. :) It comes from a British group in the sixties called The Shadows. They were famous for backing Britain’s version of Elvis…Cliff Richards…he never made it big over here. They did a few films, most are still alive, and Hank Marvin…the premiere guitarist of his time and creator of Apache still tours. You can go to You Tube and see Hank Marvin doing Apache…the original version:

    Marvin has been the inspiration for many famous guitar players since then. I’ve posted him on my blog at times doing various tunes like Man of Mystery and Foot Tapper. I’m a huge Hank Marvin fan. In just the past few years, many people have sampled Apache including Beastie Boys, Nas and M.I.A. The song Apache (and other Shadow’s songs) have also appeared in a lot of movies. You can Wiki him to get the full scoop.

    Can you tell I’m a fan? I urge people to go to You Tube, search “Hank Marvin” or “The Shadows” and enjoy.

    I’ll tell you a funny Cliff Richards story. I used to spend long stretches in London, and a few years back I was staying over near Victoria Station (railway and tube stop). There’s a very old theatre along there called the Theatre Royale. Cliff was going to be performing there, and one afternoon I saw this crowd of middle aged woman in a huddle all screaming and excited. I walked over and there was Cliff in the middle of the mob…furiously pounding on the stage door to let him in….and he looked panicked. We’ve gone a long way since then. Now it’s Emma Watson’s 18th birthday hoo ha shot.

    You never cease to amaze, Fairy GodCube. It’s strange that that song has been so influential in modern day music. Seeing him work the whammy bar makes me want to play Rock Band.

  3. ….and that would be middle aged women…I wish this thing had an edit or preview button.

    I expect perfection from a supercomputer!

  4. I know, I know, I knowknowknow. You and Phil and Hammer. Hammer told me I could never stop blogging, because Phil had programmed me that way.

    The Shadows have had a huge influence on a ton of people across the music spectrum. Ask any guitarist and they say “Hank Marvin is a god.” It’s well worth anyone’s time to do their homework and study his songs and his technique. You’d be amazed where his influences pop up.

    Time for more Striker pics :D

    Video is coming soon, if that will do the trick.

  5. but nothing beats Tommy Seebach’s version of ‘Apache’…

  6. Oh God, Phil…I had totally forgotten this one. Didn’t you post this once on Playaz? It’s hysterically funny.

  7. Oh Man…there is a certain group of people I am acquainted with who ALWAYS request this song at bars. It is so obnoxious and weirdly racist when they all do the dance.

  8. And yes this song is on my ipod…as well as Missy Elliot’s “We Run This” which uses the same hook.

  9. I did, Cube.

    It can easily be found on YouTube.

  10. F*ck Congress for keeping me away from the Interweb. I f*cking knew that. F*ck. F*********************************CK!

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