Troubling. Kinda.

Starting anew isn’t the easiest thing to do. Even after the moving process is complete there are things that need to be done and things gone wrong that need to be fixed somehow. To wit:

- I can’t seem to keep a lot of food in the house. I go out, buy bags of stuff, and somehow it isn’t a lot of food. Right now I think my freezer consists of a container of Giant brand peanut butter gelato (which is pretty good for Giant brand), a few Green Giant single vegetable servings, and a couple of mini pizzas. My refrigerator consists of beer, a bottle of wine, a few bottles of water, one can of Mountain Dew (crisis!), a bottle of ketchup, and some butter. My pantries aren’t much better. This must change quickly. Perhaps today.

- Striker has discovered the water in the toilet. This is easy to remedy, as I just have to keep the seat and lid down, but when he makes a piddle puddle on the kitchen floor and I toss him in the bathroom while I clean it up (housebreaking rule: don’t let the dog see you clean it up), it’s hard to remember in that instant to put the lid down. I tried to reason with the dog, but he replied only with this:Troubling. Kinda.

- My dishwasher was messed up when I moved in. It holds water in the bottom of it after it cycles through its wash rinse and dry. It’s concerning since I don’t think it’s getting all the dishes washed and the water kinda smells after awhile. Gotta call in GE to fix it.

- This is the first time since college that I’ve not had a washer and dryer in my own home. There are a great number of each available in the basement, and they’ve got this handy thing called eSuds where you can go and see a virtual representation of the laundry room with which machines are empty and available, which are in use and how long they have left, etc. so I never run the risk of lugging my crap all the way down there only to have no washer/dryers free. I also don’t have to sit down there while it’s running since I can see online how much time is left on my cycle and go down there as it’s finishing. It isn’t something wrong really, but just something I’ll have to get used to.

These are not big problems, obviously. Everything else is going pretty well. Now if I can just find a gas station nearby…

Troubling. Kinda.

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  1. Wow – eSuds. That sounds like a magical invention. I stand in awe… and in envy of your dishwasher. Ooooh!

    It’s pretty awesome. It’s saved me a lot of bother already, and I’ve only been here a week.

  2. Try not to think too much about the communal laundry system. You’ll only get yucked out.

    Speaking of yucked out, I totally misread this line: “My pantries aren’t much better.”

    Would it make you feel any better if I told you I’m not wearing any pantries?

  3. I know. I thought he said “panties” as well. Great minds.

    I don’t think I could adapt to the no washer/dryer thing. A dishwasher? Yes. Hauling stuff to a laundry room? No. And ditto “yuck” on the idea of communal laundry.

    Do you want to come over with soap, water, and a washboard and do my clothes for me?

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