Things I learned this weekend

- When driving to Giant, always look out for people in front of their residences that you can pick up and take with you.

- When trying to park in Adams Morgan, a legal space will appear right at the very moment you get frustrated with circling the blocks and consider parking illegally.

- I am adept at starting grills.

- When puppies can’t get onto little grassy areas in Adams Morgan (aka. The Morg) because they’re surrounded by mini-fences, puppies will pee on the sidewalk.

- Only the creative will suggest that an American flag be fashioned into a sling for the injured.

- Midnight in The Morg is now known as “The Douching Hour.”

- When it’s pouring outside and there’s thunder and lightning, the last thing you want to hear is a puppy’s whine to pee.

- Facebook chat may very well be the death of me.

Things I learned this weekend

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  1. I didn’t learn any of those things this weekend. Damn.

    I love that you spotted a blonde outside her place. That’s the only place I’ve ever seen her, come to think of it…hmm…wonder what she does out there?

    What Giant?

    At the time she was getting crap from people for Turtle Waxing her ride. I drove by the first time and thought “that kinda looks like… nahh…” and then I saw something that made me realize where precisely I was, so I hung 4 rights and came back around.

    8th & O.

  2. That sling was tight! Especially at the douching hour. My goal not for the rest of the spring/summer season is to fashion an American flag into a wearable item of clothing and/or medical supply every weekend. Who says I’m running out of blog ideas?!

    Just as long as you don’t use bandana. That one’s already been played out.

  3. At least you were a good Dad and took little Striker out for his constitutional.

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