Reason #267 I love Statcounter

Without it, I would not have known that someone at my former employer has recently started reading this blog. It’s kinda funny, considering that the entire time I was there I never caught an IP that wasn’t my own from there, but now that I’m gone one suddenly starts popping up.

I wonder who it is. I wonder whether I know them. I wonder whether they themselves have a blog. I have about 50 questions I could ask right now, including those about what the crap is going on over there. Ah well… you can’t have everything, but I’m glad Statcounter has given me this.

Reason #267 I love Statcounter

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  1. yeah I love statcounter, I am disturbed at the presence of someone from Michigan that keeps reading mine, because I know who it is — thanks to that little feature that gives who the IP belongs to. I really wish she would stop reading my blog. She doesn’t like me, so why read it ya know………

    I do find it amusing how many people work for the various government agencies around, that fascinates me.

    You too? The alphabet soup that I see flying around is pretty impressive. I should start keeping tally so I can say “This is what our tax money is paying for!”

  2. It’s possible someone over there was reading all along, and that since you worked there too, you both had the same IP. But every time you saw the IP, you assumed it to be yours, when in some cases, it may have been {insert name of disgruntled government worker here.}

    Negative. The IPs are different. I labeled mine in statcounter and I never removed the label, so when the new one started popping up I thought “why is there an IP from there without a label?” before determining that it was something new.

  3. I label mine too, glad I’m not the only one……however its pretty funny you know where I work now……shhhhhh

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