Coming home

Last night after my game I had to make a conscious effort to not let my autopilot kick in and drive me back to Fairfax. Last night I drove north on 395, heading for the city and the place I’ll soon call home.

Last night I spent my first night in the condo.

Now I imagine that it will be considerably different when I do it in a week. All my stuff will be moved in, most of it will be unpacked, and I’ll be able to really call it home. Still, with what right now is a 16″ TV sitting on a barstool, an air mattress on the floor, and little other furniture than a lamp and a chair, I still felt kinda comfortable. I walked in, dropped all my stuff in the corner, and took a shower. I read a few emails, watched a little tv (literally and figuratively, I suppose), ate some chocolate chip cookies from the gift basket, and plopped down on the air mattress to go to sleep (Tempurpedic mattress, where are you?). I’m going to do it again tomorrow night.

Soon enough it will be home, but even now it’s starting to feel like it.

Coming home

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  1. Sniff sniff. Our baby is out on his own!

    One day when you’re like mega rich, you’ll look back on this point in your life and say, “Wow. Those were the days.”

    I’d just settle for almost rich.

  2. Now you just need a puppy

    Maybe this weekend.

  3. You’ll be settled in before you know it. Get unpacked before bringing puppy home.

  4. So where is your new condo? If you are close enough and have a new puppy, I’ll come walk it! If you get one that looks remotely like the adorable ones you posted, I’m so there.

    PS I do urge you to adopt a puppy from a shelter…

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