It’s official

No more ifs and maybes. I-66 is city-bound. By the middle of next month, I will be entirely moved in.

For the time being, the following things currently reside in my condo:

- 1 chair
- 1 barstool
- 3 mini boxes of cereal
- 1 extremely long Slim Jim
- 3 packets of Lipton rice
- 1 bag of microwave popcorn
- 1 tall bottle of water
- 1 bottle of white wine
- miscellaneous pots and pans
- 2 coffee mugs
- 1 beer stein
- 1 air mattress
- 1 set of bathroom towels
- 1 shower curtain
- miscellaneous soap and shampoo
- miscellaneous plasticware
- 2 plastic plates
- miscellaneous cleaning supplies
- 1 gift basket, contents unclear

So really I could spend the night there if I had to. But the place also has:

- 0 internet
- 0 cable television

…so I probably won’t be anytime in the immediate future. Still, things are looking good. And as the next couple of weeks drag on and I move a box or two at a time, it will start to look even better.

Its official

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  1. Woohoo congrats on the big move! And, btw, love the mix of remaining items (cereal, rice, extra long slim jim…). Good luck moving!

    Thanks LJ. I really think a trip to Tar-zhay is in my near future.

  2. Yay! Wait, by “the city” you don’t mean like Shirlington do you?

    Okay. A of all, what do you know about Shirlington, Ms. Anti-Virginia?

    B of all, I think you’re serious with that question. No, not Shirlington. I’m going to be living in the district proper.

  3. Congratulations! And, really, an air mattress and Slim Jims? Sounds like what most guys I know have in their apartments. What else could you possibly need?

    Well, when you compare the air mattress to the Tempurpedic mattress I have at home, I think it’s obvious which I can’t wait to sleep on in the new place. That said, if I get drunk in DC and make my way to my apartment, I know I have a Slim Jim and air bed waiting, at which point I won’t care.

  4. that was fast – good luck with the move and step into a slim jim haha

    Thanks. I hope it will be seamless, but these things rarely are.

  5. Yay! Congrats on soon making the move. Is this the dog friendly place you mentioned before?

    Thanks. Yeah, that’s the place. Evidently there are no restrictions on size, but it isn’t a huge place by any means so I know I will have to be reasonable.

  6. :::sniff sniff:::

    our baby is all grown up!

    Yeah, next thing you know I’ll be having kids.


  7. you lost me at …”extremely long slim jim”

    What? Something about long round meat that’s wrapped is appealing to you?

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